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      A mother of two kids who are growing up too quickly, I had been planning to start a business for a while but the inertia didn’t let it happen.

      The covid pandemic threw us all into an ocean of free time and I realized I was running out of excuses. An article on fairy doors popped up during an afternoon of idle browsing. And the seed of an idea was planted.

      A bit more research and plenty of thought resulted in the brand - My Enchanted Door. A lot of effort was put into creating a product that I would have loved to use had my kids been younger - one that combines fun, excitement, no screen and many tiny lessons woven in during playtime.

      The pandemic did create a lot of challenges in the actual making of the product elements and packaging. But my passion and family's encouragement helped me march on. It also gave me the opportunity to provide a supporting income to young families by helping them create many of the handmade elements in the kits.    

      The creation of this idea/concept/product has been an amazing journey for me.  I look forward to this product becoming a fun and meaningful part of our little ones' lives.  

      Love Aakansha