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      My Enchanted Portal

       Congratulations on your membership to ‘My Enchanted Portal’.

      This portal will connect you with numerous fun and exciting resources that will make your journey with us even more magical. With this membership, you get exclusive access to various stories, tips and fun games and activities that will enhance your experience with our adorable fairy door and the kits that are available with it. Besides, as our privileged member of the Fairy Land, your child will get occasional offers and surprises that will be ‘magically dropped’ into your inbox.

       The fun begins ... 


      How to use your Kits

      1.  Fairy Starter Kit

      2.  Tooth Fairy Kit

      3. Fairy Extravaganza Kit

      4. Fairy Splendour Kit

      5. Birthday Kit

      6. Growing Up with the Fairy Kit 1

      7. Fairy Cleaning Kit


      E-books for our little ones

      1. Eureka - The perfect solution to Queen Ella's Dilemma

      2. Holi -The Story of Holi

      3. Gnasher makes a Decision - Story of an elf who changes because of a fairy


      Free Printables

      What you need to do-

      • Print them out preferably in colour and cut them
      • Drop them off from time to time into your fairy's letterbox or outside the fairy door
      • Let your child discover them as notes and messages from the fairy.  

      Some of these notes enhance the fun with our different kits so they will work much better if you use the kits with them.
      However, you are free to enjoy the notes even if you don't purchase our kits.

      1. Notes from Fairy

      2. Sleep Poster

      3. Tooth Fairy Kit Encouragement Printable

      4. Notes for bored kids

      5. Boredom Buster Tasks

      6. Cleaning Kit Printable

      7. Words of love from your fairy


      Fairy DIYs

      Fairy Birthday Hat

      2. Fairy Wand

      3. Boredom Buster Jar



      1. Toadstool Veggie Paratha

      2. Healthy Oat Pebbles



      1. Enchanted Bingo

      2. Enchanted Treasure Hunt

      3. Magic Memory Game


      More about Fairyland

      1. Register of Members