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      Our fairy door is here to make days fun for both you and your child. Our kits seamlessly weave tiny lessons with creativity and fun.

      1. Free Play and No-Screen Play😄
      No mention of any screen. Hours spent in free play.

      2. Communication💌
      Through letters exchanged with the imaginary fairy (you), you will get access to the innermost feelings of your child.

      3. Imagination🦄
      During hours of pretend play.

      4. Creativity and Innovative Thought🤹‍♀️
      In putting together various kits and decorating the door and it’s surroundings. 

      5. Developing Good Habits🌟
      Make each milestone more fun - from learning to brush, potty training and attending school to lessons in gratitude and compassion. The fairy at My Enchanted Door has real qualities, habits that need correcting, is fun and silly - just like your child. Your child will be able to relate to her and the fairy will gently guide your child through her tiny difficulties and milestones as they get older and wiser together. Explore HERE

      6. Security👮🏼
      The fairy door and the idea of a fairy behind it provides your child with both a physical and emotional anchor point to help him/her feel secure

      7. Values through Magical Visitors👼
      Through the various kits and communication, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the elves etc will teach your child the importance of values such as kindness, generosity, acceptance and love.