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      My Enchanted Door provides concept-based entertainment for children between the ages 3-10. 
      To experience the magic of My Enchanted Door in its entirety, we must follow 3 steps-

      1. Buy the Fairy Starter Set

      This set is the first step in helping your child embark on this beautiful journey. Other kits can be purchased from time to time.
      It contains a miniature wooden door that has to be firmly pasted (with double sided tape - included in the box) on any accessible spot in your child’s room. It could be a wall or a shelf.
      Use the set to create a beautiful idea - that a fairy friend will be living behind this door. The set has all the elements to make this idea believable. ‘Magic Dust’, a tiny Key, a Spell and Notes/Cards from the fairy. Your child will believe that her very own fairy friend is living behind the door and can communicate through notes/cards dropped in the adorable miniature letter box. Refer to FAQs for more information.

      2. Decorate and Enhance

      Use creative ideas from our website to encourage your child to drop letters, notes, make tiny cards etc. Make the idea more believable for the child. Include existing toys like blocks, stuffed toys etc to pretend play outside the door.

      3. Use the Door to Learn

      Add the many exciting kits to make the door pretty and more comfortable for your fairy. Encourage your child to think about what the fairy may need and attend to her. Get the fairy to teach small life lessons like brushing, speaking politely, gratitude, managing emotions etc through the various add-on kits available. We also have many free printables, tips and ideas on our Enchanted Portal (Free membership with the Fairy Starter Kit)