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      Growing Up with the Fairy Kit 1


      Our kids are growing up!! 👦🏻👩🏼👧🏼🧒🏻

      And if we were to keep a log, we would be astounded at the number of changes taking place in their little-big personalities. There are a few habits that we struggle to impart. Three of them are training them to sleep alone, potty training (what a big one!?😅) and eating healthy. Our little fairy behind the door has been trained to walk along with your child and help make this learning a lot of fun.

      1. What this kit contains

      Letters💌 and cards from your fairy behind the door to help your child through three important milestones- sleeping alone, eating healthy and getting potty trained. It also has 2 milestone charts along with stickers to help your child mark his progress through two of these tasks.🧚🏽


      2. Tips to use the kit

      You can use this kit in parts depending on the readiness of your child. And each element can be used and re-introduced after a few weeks. We promise that it’ll be exciting for both, you and your child.🌟

      💝Sleeping alone is a huge milestone for your child to achieve and there will be many hiccups along the way. Our fairy is always available to help your child through this. You can pop encouragement cards (free printable) from her. And you can use some tips from our upcoming blog to encourage your child.

      So pop the first letter outside the door once you have established a bed time routine and tried putting your child in his own bed.📃

      🧸You could leave a small plush toy that your child can hug when she/he sleeps, or a little magic totem (a gem or a coin) she can keep by her bedside to drive all her bad dreams away. Tell her it has been sent by Queen Ella to help her sleep better.

      Once you feel your child has achieved marginal success, leave the second letter along with a tiny present.🎁


      💝Potty Training

      • Leave the first letter near the door along with the Potty Chart and a Basket of Goodies containing a Picture Book, Wipes, Underwear, Music, Potty Seat, a Sticker book and whatever else you can think of.📮
      • These will make the whole idea of using the pot really exciting for your child. You could make up a story or two or pop a few messages into the letterbox from the fairy. You could also encourage your child to write or draw images of what her fear is and ‘mail’ it to her fairy; only for the fairy to zap it away the next morning.💌
      • Make the process of filling the Potty Chart exciting for your child. Build it up so she looks forward to filling it asap. And once it’s all filled up, write a tiny congratulatory note and leave it with a small present outside the fairy door.🎁


      💝Eating Healthy is a struggle for children and adults alike. Turning an unpleasant task such as this one into a game or a competition with oneself is the perfect way to deal with it. So, let’s get our fairy on-board! She will teach us more than one lesson in this one.🎉

      • Drop off the first letter by your child’s pillow or outside the door along with the Rainbow Chart.🌈
      • Queen Ella has shared a few recipes with us that you could use or think up nice ones of your own. Encourage your child to fill up the chart and talk to him about the benefits of eating healthy and that healthy is not always yucky!🥗
      • Drop off the second letter in the letter box when you feel your child has achieved satisfactory results. And you can always continue this little game with your child till she develops a habit of eating healthy.💌

      We have some super yummy and healthy recipes from our Queen Ella.


      Birthday Kit




      Congratulations on the birthday of your little one. Let’s add a lot more fun to the celebrations by using the adorable decorations to set up a party for your very own fairy. Leave the letter from the fairy the day before your child's birthday and the card on the day. You could even leave a little present from Queen E for your child if you think she has been exceptionally good.

      Your child can enjoy hours of pretend play with this kit. We will keep posting DIY ideas on Pinterest which you could enjoy as a fun activity in the days leading up to her birthday. She can add these to her decorations.

      Queen Ella loves celebrations too but she is very careful while allowing her little fairies and pixies some fun, she ensures they understand how blessed they are and are willing to share their blessings with others.

      So, she insisted on including a couple of lessons like Sharing and Kindness in the birthday fun. You could choose to use these around the big day or just implement them separately on another occasion. It helps to grow up with a feeling of Gratitude for all that we have.


      1. What this kit contains?

      The kit contains everything to create a tiny celebration outside the fairy door. Some yummy miniature food, a beautiful porcelain tea set, some decor and some cards and exchanges with the fairy.

      2. How to use it?

      You could leave this kit as a gift from the fairy and a tiny note that could encourage your child to set up a mini celebration. Let her make a few things on her own too. Visit the DIY for a cool idea.

      Set up the food and tea set. Pretend play for hours with this and join your child in the mini-celebration. Invite her stuffed animals and other toys. Do place the hand written card from the fairy for your child to discover on her birthday morning. You could add a little present too.

      You may use the kindness cards over the month leading upto her birthday or after it, as the fairies cannot emphasise on this quality any less than we do.  Drop them off once in a while and let your child read them and think about them.

       The Kindness letter from the fairy can be used after the birthday to remind your child to share. Let her keep aside a few old toys. talk to her about the importance of giving. You could discuss and ask questions-

      Wonder how the fairy children will react when they receive your toys. How happy they will be? Do you think they will be told these have come from a human? 

      You will be surprised at the generosity of your child. Do not force them to give away anything they don't want to. But do encourage them to only give toys that are in good condition.

      Once she has put aside the toys, put them out of view after she sleeps and place the Thank You card along with a little 'residue' of the visit. Maybe a little fairy dust as proof of the use of the 'Shrinking Spell'.

      You can use this kit to set up a small picnic every now and then.





      Tooth Fairy Kit


      1. What does this kit contain?🧚🏽

      This very useful kit contains an adorable tooth box, a fairy coin, an effective trick to teach your children to brush and a few letters and cards to exchange with your fairy.🪄


      2. How to use the kit?⭐️

      • The first thing to do is to let your child 'discover' the letter and chart one morning, in front of her adorable fairy door. Then talk about the importance of brushing and discuss where your child would like to put up the chart. You could put it up right outside her bathroom and encourage her to put a sticker on it the moment she completes her assigned job-to brush.❤️
      • You could drop off encouragement cards from her fairy (free printable) once in a while.📃
      • By the time the chart is filled up, your child would have established a fairly regular brushing routine.🧒🏻
      • Please encourage her with words from the fairy from time to time and you could encourage your child to write to the fairy too.(Please do write a few responses or print from our template)📮

      When your child loses the tooth

      1. When your child loses her tooth, you can tell her that now she has direct access to the Tooth Fairy through her fairy so she just needs to drop off the tooth in the pouch and place it outside the door.🧚🏼‍♀️
      2. At night, just remove the tooth and replace it with the shiny fairy coin, letter and certificate. (Do remember to write your child's name and give her a tooth rating)🎉
      3. Let your child discover it the next morning.🌤

      You may purchase more coins for the next few teeth or when you want your fairy to reward your child for something else.

      Buy here


      3. A few more Ideas and Tricks

      Getting your children to brush can be a painful task. The time of day is such that our kids invariably feel too sleepy or too lazy. Your friendly fairy can really help you through this.😊

      You could make this a fun activity and involve the fairy in getting your child to brush.🪥

      You could say things like, ‘I’m sure you wouldn’t want your fairy to smell your dinner when she comes out to give you a gentle kiss at night.’🎀

      Or, ‘I get a message that the fairy queen is running short of teeth to carve out toys for all the babies in Fairyland. The last few teeth she has received have been full of cavities and have had to be planted in the Root Tree. We must ensure our teeth are nice and clean and ‘hole-free’.’🪆

      Your child will be so thrilled to take on this responsibility for the queen that she will start brushing. Then there is always the temptation of a reward upon completion of the chart.🎁

      And of course, the tooth fairy gift. We have included a beautiful fairy coin for the child’s first tooth. You may add a gift of your own.🟠

      More coins are available on the website for the next few teeth that fall out.


      Here are a few ideas to make it more fun:

      • Drop a few messages (printable) from time to time from the fairy💌
      • You could leave a new motorized toothbrush tied up with a glittery ribbon outside the door as a gift from the fairy.🪥
      • A small sequin or glitter dropped outside the door, or just a smiley face card (printable) found ‘magically’ the day your child has been good with her brushing routine can help too.⭐️

      Fairy Extravaganza Kit

      Set up Extravaganza Kit

      1. What the Kit contains?

      This kid is a combination of the Fairy starter kit and some beautiful accessories like a garden for your fairy to relax in, a birdbath for her fluttering visitors, a bicycle and a sign board. 🚲

      Fairies love nature so we have tried to create a pretty flower garden  to make her surroundings more green The fairy would love to come out and relax in her garden when everyone is asleep.🧚🏽🪴

      The sign board is a necessity for our magical friends because they are terribly forgetful and my forget their way ↘️⬅️⬆️


      2. How to set it Up?

      Let your child use his ideas once more. We will keep putting up images on Instagram and Pinterest but your child can set the garden up any way he likes.


      3. Ideas to play with this kit

          • Create a pathway with tiny painted pebbles and put up the sign board at the junction. ↘️
          • Decorate the bicycle anyway you like. You can add an origami basket to it. Or, put some ribbons- The fairy uses it to go around the room to check if everything is in order🚲
          • Put a few fake grains or blue paper shavings in the birdbath (water) for the birds from Fairyland .🦜
          • Use blocks to make play structures for the garden so the fairy and her friends can come play at night.🪴

      Fairy Splendour Kit


      portal splendour kit images

      1. What does this kit include?

      It includes the Fairy starter Kit along with a few beautiful accessories like a pretty white window, a fence, a ladder, a mat and a comfortable deck chair for the fairy to lounge in. 🪜


      2. How do I set it Up?

      Let your child decide where she would like to place all these items. There should be ample space left  around the door for you to make it's surroundings pretty. the window can be placed next to the door and can be decorated with stickers, flowers or drawings made by your child. Let her decorate and redecorate that area using our accessories, her supplies and her creativity. The ladder can be placed anywhere near the door and the mat right outside it (to welcome the fairy's guests).🦄


      3. What else can we do?

      The fun thing about My Enchanted Door is that you can make it whatever you want it to be.

      • It can be used as a toy and you can pretend play for hours creating stories using some stuffed animals or lego figurines.🤹‍♀️
      • Make tiny paper flowers and decorate the window with them🌺
      • Create DIY paper vines for the fence.🌿
      • You could ask your child to paint over the ladder to make it more colourful🌈

      We will be putting up DIYs and other images and ideas on Pinterest from time to time. So, follow us to stay informed!