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      Fairy Starter Set

      ⭐️How to Use the Set⭐️
      1. Unbox the kit and stick the fairy door and letter box firmly on a wall or shelf. The initial belongs to the fairy so you can play a game of guessing her name with your child.🎁
      2. Ask your child to leave the key out for the fairy and chant the magic spell given in the set. She may blow a bit of the 'fairy dust' on the door to activate the magic.🗝
      3. Once your child is asleep, place the personalised letter and membership card outside the door and take away the key.💌
      4. The next morning, let your child find the card and letter along with the friendship code.🎊
      5. Use this set in different ways to communicate with your child and let her pretend-play around it.📥
      When you receive the package🎁

      If possible, let your child ‘unbox’ the beautiful fairy door. And do capture her wonder and excitement when she opens up each adorable element of her Starter Set.🪄

      Talk to her about the letter box and door that has been sent by the Fairy Queen. It may just look like beautiful wooden door, but once you chant the spell and blow magic dust onto it, the door transforms into a Magic Portal that allows all friendly magical creatures through. Especially your very own fairy friend. Let your child discover the beautiful golden Initial of her fairy and paste it on her letterbox/door and talk to her about her fairy’s name. Once this is done, you must leave the key out for the fairy so she can visit in the night.🧚🏼‍♀️

      The next morning, let your child ‘discover’ that the key is missing and in place of it lie a wonderful set of cards from her fairy. Your child’s Certificate of Membership, a Personalised Letter and Friendship Code sent by her very own fairy. You could drop a little “Magic Dust’ as proof of her fairy’s visit too. Do remind your child to keep the certificate away carefully as the Queen only allows a privileged few to become members of her Enchanted World. Imagine the joy and pleasure on her face. Please do capture this and send us the images and tag us on Instagram as we would love to be a part of this enchanted experience.🌟


      Where to Set Up🌈

      Your fairy would love to be stationed in your child’s room. If not, any corner of the house can be designated to her. She will happily fly up to your child every night.

      You may use any adhesive you are comfortable with. The door is light weight and can be stuck with double sided tape or glue drops. You may also place it on a dresser, close to the floor or a side table but be sure not to move it often as the fairies are forgetful creatures and yours might lose her way. We will be putting up ideas on our Pinterest page from time to time.💙


      How to Set Up

      It would be lovely to involve your child in dressing up the space designated to her fairy. Just to help her get excited and make her fairy comfortable. You could turn it into a fun family project too.

      We have many accessories available in our Splendour and Extravaganza kits that your child can use to beautify the door and make her fairy feel more at home.

      You could also encourage your child to put up handmade drawings and posters on the wall around the door or add current toys to dress up the space..


      Ideas and Images

      We have a few ideas that you can use to set up this magic portal for your child.

      • You could order our add-on kits like the Splendour and Extravaganza. Lay out the adorable little mat in front of the door and set up the ladder if your door rests at a height so your fairy can climb up and down comfortably. The window can be stuck next to the door for the magical creatures to peep in from time to time. It would really help them to have a way of checking if everyone is asleep before they visit.🪜
      • You can decorate it with tiny hand-made flowers. The prettier the door is, the more your fairy will feel like visiting.🌺
      • You can also leave small ‘proofs’ of the fairy’s visit- a little fairy dust here, a little bit of clutter there, maybe a surprise note from their favourite magical being. It will warm your heart to see the look of wonder, happiness and excitement on your child’s face.❤️

      And remember, although this is a replica of a real fairy door so it can be opened, do tell your child that the fairy doesn't like being disturbed. The fairy gets tired of activating her magic shield to hide the portal, every time the door is opened by a human. So we must try not to disturb her.