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      🧚🏼‍♀️My Fairy Door - A Gateway to my Imagination🧚🏼‍♀️

      🧚🏼‍♀️My Fairy Door - A Gateway to my Imagination🧚🏼‍♀️


      Children are blessed with a vivid imagination which gets buried slowly as we burden them with a structured routine, multiple gadgets and too many instructions. And imagination is the key element to build creativity and skills like communication, problem solving and planning.

      When you invite an imaginary friend into your lives, you unlock your child’s imagination. The friend becomes an invisible friend and playmate for your child. With the letters and different kits, she encourages hours of imaginative playtime through

      • Story building and pretend playing involving the invisible fairy friend. You can encourage your child to create stories and scenarios, plots and characters. (The website has a lot of supportive resources)
      • Communicating through small notes and letters exchanged through the letterbox. Your child can create pretend conversations. You can initiate one through a letter dropped in too.
      • Exploring who they are and can be. Through the kits that cater to different interests too! As a parent, you can build stories around the kits to encourage them to explore different interests.
      • The door by itself creates numerous opportunities for imaginative play. Your child can create scenes around the door for her fairy- a garden, picnic, birthday party etc.

      This is the perfect portal to unleash the imagination of children and allow them to be whoever they want to be. It takes them away from screens that over-stimulate their brain and helps them reconnect with the simplicity of play. And it is a great way for a parent to connect with the child and participate in their childhood. It gives them a chance to witness their play and join in while opening up lines of communication.

      Besides being a great looking accessory for the room, the fairy door is a versatile product. 

      • For younger kids, the fairy can help them make each milestone more exciting and memorable. Children have big feelings about growing up and having a fairy behind the door to make each change more exciting is so much better. The letters and notes from the fairy are designed to connect with the child at their level.
      • For older kids, the fairy can be a great pen pal and help them explore their creativity through story and scenario building. Kits are also designed to engage older kids in pretend play.
      • For parents, the door gives an opportunity to connect with the child and step in from time to time to provide emotional support and guide them.

      My Enchanted Door is the perfect medium to encourage Imagination in children and can be used as a constant support and guide through childhood.