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      Fairy Cleaning Kit


      Can you imagine how chaotic it would have been for Queen E had she not taught her little fairies and pixies to clean up. This is one of the most important lessons taught at Fairyland. So, when the fairy comes to live with your child, she naturally expects her surroundings to be kept clean. And she is willing to give a hand to you in imparting this to your kids too; in the most fun manner too!


      1. What does this kit contain?

      This fun kit comes in a cute cloth bag and includes a mop, broom, bucket, a mini dustbin, sponge, detergent, a rag, letters and notes on cleanliness and a shiny fairy coin.


      2. How to use the kit

      This kit has fun cleaning supplies that your child can use for pretend play. You can ask your child to leave out the supplies outside the door and drop off the letter from the fairy at night.

      The rhymes can be used when your little one has been exceptionally messy. Drop off the first one along with a little duster and help him de-clutter and clean up his room. He will be so excited to clean up for his fairy.

      Drop off the second note the next night along with the fairy coin as a present and a little Thank You card (Free Printables). And encourage your child to keep his room always reminding him that his fairy will be only too happy to visit his room if it is clean. You could leave small ‘proofs’ of the visit too. A small feather, a little glitter, a little print on the door. The discovery of these would generate such excitement!

      A fun thing to do would be to pretend that a few pixies were up to mischief by making a little mess outside the door (that your child can discover in the morning); and you’ll find she will happily pick up the mop and clean up the mess for her darling fairy.

      Cut out the printable notes available on the portal and drop them off in the tiny letterbox from time to time.